Dreampack is a Holding Business made up of several companies, among them DREAMPACK ECUADOR S.A., a company of recognized prestige, local and international, which with one of its business units is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of paper cups and containers being a strategic partner for companies looking for single-use packaging products. DREAMPACK ECUADOR S.A. has reached 80% of the Ecuadorian market, exporting to 7 countries and expanding its business to countries such as Mexico and Brazil.


The business was started in Ecuador through DREAMPACK ECUADOR S.A., as part of the Grupo Gráfico Abad, which began with the company OFFSET ABAD C.A., Industria Gráfica with more than 60 years of experience and a leader in the market.

The Graphic Abad Group decided to open new business divisions, among which is DREAMPACK ECUADOR S.A., a company established in 1998. Its main business began related to the sale of stickers and in 2001 it installed its first two cup-forming machines. From that moment on, the company achieved growth and to meet the demand of its customers, a third machine was installed in 2007; Later, between 2009 and 2015, it continued with the acquisition of machinery to increase its Dreampack business line, focused on the food service market.

As of 2016, Dreampack made its first export of products to Chile; Currently the company exports to a total of 7 Latin American countries (Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Mexico), expanding local facilities to Mexico.

The Dreampack group is focused on being a strategic partner of the company that seeks solutions in zero waste packaging through its innovation and sustainability.


Create Value for the evolution of a green conscience, through the development of sustainable products, developed by people who think about the well-being of the planet.




We are leading the shift towards zero waste packaging solutions for Latin America. envases cero residuos para América Latina. 





• Providing innovative solutions for zero waste packaging.

• Produce the best quality paper packaging for the conservation of the environment.

• Promotion of complete paper packaging solutions.


En DREAMPACK trabajamos constantemente en la búsqueda de soluciones para diferentes industrias, incluyendo aquellas que no usaban tradicionalmente papel para sus empaques. Nuestra compañía está certificada FSC, FSSC y BASC, con lo cual podemos confirmar nuestro compromiso con la calidad, medio ambiente y seguridad en la cadena de custodia.

DREAMPACK es una compañía Ecuatoriana en proceso de expansión hacia países de Latinoamérica y Estados Unidos, exportando a 10 países productos de solución sustentable basados en papel para el empaque y transporte de alimentos.

En Ecuador con sus productos posee aproximadamente 80% del mercado de restaurantes de comida Además posee una división, llamada Big Vision, la cual representa cerca del 10% del negocio de DREAMPACK, dando soluciones para impresiones de gran formato en empresas de retail, industrias de consumo masivo 

In the industrial complex of the road to Daule in Guayaquil, it has two plants, one for the production of sustainable paper-based products and the second for large-format printing.

It is currently opening operations as part of Dreampack Group, with its plant in Mexico and the company Envases Papeleros de México, incorporated in February 2020.