We seek to take actions that positively impact the planet and our community. We constantly strive to promote environmentally friendly practices within our offices and in our products.

We protect the environment with clean production strategies, eco-efficiency measures and specific conservation programs, we strive to achieve the highest environmental standards.

The objective of sustainable development is to achieve a certain level of material progress without compromising the environment, natural resources and the quality of life of human beings. In this way, it is proposed to address the social, economic and environmental spheres based on viability, sustainability and equity.


It is one of the ways to recycle more beneficial to the environment, in largely because of the environmental cost you have to get it. Recycling paper saves money lots of energy and water, reduce logging trees (12 per Tn), GHG emissions and improve the air


Biodegradable is the product or substance that can break down into chemical elements that make it up, due to the action of biological agents, like plants, animals, microorganisms and fungi, low natural environmental conditions.


a natural resource that can restore by natural processes to a speed higher than consumption per humans. Solar radiation, tides, wind and energy hydroelectric are perpetual resources that are not in danger of running out in the long run term.